Vetokummun Arizona, "Artsu"

July 2020
Vetokummun Arizona, "Artsu"
Vetokummun Arizona,
Birthdate: 10.10.2003
Height: 59,5 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Pedigree: Arctic Soul Ozek & Pajakansuon Spooky
Eyes checked: 02.03.2008, OD defect in the choroid of the left eye's eyeground
Although Artsu is a big boy, he is lightly built. By nature, he is quite modest and reserved towards people and other dogs.
As he is my first siberian, I have learned a lot from him: all the good and the bad things about this magnificent breed.  For that I am very grateful to him, he has been a great teacher :).
In harness he can be very fast and hard driving. Not always 100%, but still most of the times.

Race Results: 
1st, skijoring with 2 dogs, Winter Cup (Estonia) 2010,
1st, skijoring with 2 dogs, Reppo Race (Estonia) 2010,
1st DSC2 nordic classification/ 4th DSC2 overall, Baltic Cup Dryland 2009 
Vetokummun Arizona,
Vetokummun Arizona,
Vetokummun Arizona, "Artsu"
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