Arktisk Storm Missy, "Missy"

July 2020
Arktisk Storm Missy, "Missy"
Arktisk Storm Missy,

Birthdate: 09.07.2010

Height: 56 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Eyes Checked: 23.09.2012, 08.08.2016 - clear

Missy is cheerful, energetic and friendly. Works very hard in harness. Her moves are light, smooth and energy conserving. Very good in lead, my best leaddog. She gets along very well with her soft, feminine way :) Very good mom to her pups. Attached to our family members but reserved towards strangers. It takes time for her to get used to the strangers. Doesn't mind new places and noisy race areas. Very focused in the races, doesn't mind the people, the noise or other dogs.

Show Results:
Ex1 working class, Northen Breeds Specialty in Tallinn, 31.05.2015, judge Karsten Gronas
Ex1, BOS, CAC open class, Siberian Husky Specialty in Tallinn, 19.08.2012, judge Barbara Stanier
Race Trial Results:
REK1 MD 3x33km Ruuna Race, Finland 11.-13.03.2016
REK2, DR4 Jämi, Finland 12.-13.10.2013
Race results:
5/16, 1st siberian husky team MD4, Ruunaa Race, Finland 11.-13.03.2016
6/19, 4th siberian husky team DR4, Finnish Champonship, Jämi 12.-13.10.2013
3/5 overall, 2/4 nordic breeds IFSS Baltic Cup III event Kõrvemaa, Estonia 5.-6.10.2013
3rd, DSC2 (NB), Baltic Cup Dryland I, Latvia 2012
1st, skijoring with 1 dog, NWS1, Winter Cup, Estonia 2012
4nd, skijoring with 1 dog, NMS1, Baltic Winter Cup, Latvia 2012
15. place, DSC2 (RNB), World Championship Dryland, Germany 2011
2nd DSC2 (NB), Baltic Cup Dryland IV, Latvia 2011
3rd DS2 (NB), Baltic Cup Dryland III, Estonia 2011
Arktisk Storm Missy,
Arktisk Storm Missy,
Arktisk Storm Missy,
Arktisk Storm Missy, "Missy"
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