About Us

The kennel and our family :)

October 2020
About Us
The kennel and our family :)
About Us
On the left Bosse, next to him Hekla (Kennel Hellerkantri) and behind them Artsu. Training at Hellerkantri kennel, winter 2010
How did it all started?
We brought our first Siberian Artsu from Finland in the beginning of 2004 with my husband Uku. Artsu's breeder Leila Appelgren also invited me to join the Finnish Siberian Husky Club (SHS, sit. in 1967). Looking back I think it was a wise decision to join the Club. The most valuable knowledge about this wonderful breed - Siberian Husky, I have gained from this membership.
In 2005 was situated The Siberian Husky Club of Estonia and I joined the Estonian Club too.

Our home is located in the territory of Lahemaa National Park. About 400 meters from our house is the beautiful Lake Kahala, bog forrest and Kahala swamp. The kennelname "Sookriimud" comes from Estonian word for a swamp or a bog - "Soo" and "kriimud" (in plural) is a derivation from an old Estonian nickname for a wolf - "Kriimsilm". The name "Sookriimud" means "swamp or bog wolves".

Goals where we aim

I have always been fascinated with the idea, that Siberians where originally developed as endurance sled dogs. Because of this most important for me is the working and perfomance capability of the Siberian Husky. The appearance and of course good health of a Siberian is also very important. Compared to other breeds of dogs I admire the aboriginality and indipendence of the Siberian Husky.  
Our kennel is small, but we already have some racing experiences from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuaninan sprint races. In autumn 2011 I competed in World Championship Dryland Sprint Race in Borken Germany and came to 15th place in 2-dog scootering class (DS2).
In the future when we will have more dogs in the kennel we would like to compete in middistance races.
About Us
Uku with Missy in Baltic Winter Cup, Latvia 2012
About Us
With Bosse and Missy in World Championchip Dryland, Germany 2011

Our familiy
About Us
My husband Uku and our daughters Liisa and Sanna
Ülle Aaslav-Kaasik, spring 2012
About Us The kennel and our family :)
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